Broken Bones

Broken bones suffered in a car accident or slip and fall are not minor injuries. They can be life-altering physical damage that impacts professional and personal lives. If you suffered a broken leg or arm, do not misjudge the injury you suffered by resolving a personal injury claim quickly. Do not let insurance companies minimize your damages. Take immediate action following:

With a commitment to honesty and ethics in our aggressive pursuit of justice, the attorneys at the law firm of Dalby & Lowrance, LLC, employ all of their resources to maximize compensation.

Salt Lake City Broken Bone Injury Lawyers

Do not misjudge the severity of your injury. Many people downplay the seriousness of fractured arm, wrist, ankle or hip, convincing themselves that the outcome could have been worse. They accept the insurance company's settlement offer, only to find out later that the injury is not healing as it should. Medical bills continue even after the settlement money has run out.

Treatment of broken bones may only be the start of your medical needs as you heal from your injuries. Follow-up surgery may be required. Over time, screws and other hardware will need changing. In addition to internal injuries, you may find yourself with scarring and disfigurement.

Insurance adjusters are not on your side. They want to dispense of the case quickly, paying what amounts to pennies on the dollar. Our job is to pursue maximum compensation that covers your immediate and long-term medical needs.

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