Settlement Arbitration

Effective Settlement Negotiations In Utah Injury Cases

Arbitration provides a forum for settling personal injury cases without the uncertainty and stress of litigation. This important alternative dispute resolution method can often speed the process of getting paid compensation after an injury. Our Salt Lake City attorneys at Dalby & Lowrance, LLC, have more than 45 years of combined experience and can successfully settle your claim through arbitration.

Process Of Arbitration

Arbitration is designed to give parties a formal means of reaching an equitable personal injury settlement through a trained facilitator. An arbitrator hears opposing counsel's arguments, listens to witness testimony and reviews evidence in personal injury cases. At the end of the session, the arbitrator makes a decision that is binding on the parties based on the documentation and information presented. You can collect on the judgment as you would on an order issued by a judge.

Benefits Of Retaining An Experienced Arbitration Team

Our arbitration team guides you through the procedures and acts as your steadfast advocates. We meticulously prepare for your arbitration session with the same focus and determination as a trial. Through our highly detailed, thorough approach, we successfully maximize awards.

Contact Utah Lawyers Experienced In Arbitration Representation

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