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Compensation For Injuries Suffered In Airplane Accidents

A plane crash is almost always catastrophic and often fatal. If you have suffered serious injuries or lost a loved one in a plane crash, our Salt Lake City attorneys at Dalby & Lowrance, LLC, fight for you to receive the maximum compensation available. With more than 45 years of combined experience, our team has the drive and skills to challenge the biggest corporations in the most complex personal injury claims.

Common Causes Of Plane Crashes

Common causes of aviation accidents include:

  • Pilot error
  • Air traffic controller error
  • Mechanical failure
  • Bird strike
  • Sabotage
  • Overweighted plane
  • Loss of cabin pressure
  • Fire
  • Aircraft design flaw
  • Insufficient fuel
  • Lightning
  • Ice on wings
  • Wind shear
  • Weather conditions

Even plane crashes involving weather or environmental causes often could have been avoided — or injuries minimized — had an experienced, well-trained pilot operated the aircraft, air traffic control given the appropriate instructions or the plane been better maintained.

Knowledge About FAA Investigations

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) investigates every plane crash and serious malfunction. This highly regulated industry is designed to protect you. The agency's intensive investigation often uncovers the causes of aircraft accidents using the plane's black box, in-flight conversations, instrument recordings, GPS and other accident reconstruction techniques. Our sophisticated personal injury lawyers thoroughly scan FAA reports and scrutinize every claim made by pilots, air traffic control, aircraft manufacturers, plane mechanics and corporate representatives to ensure justice is served and your rights protected.

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