Distracted Driving Accidents

Acts of negligence are not always about something that was done. Many car accident cases result from what someone failed to do. Drivers who are sharing the road with others are not paying attention to their surroundings. They allow themselves to be distracted to the point where they cannot see the other car they are about to hit.

Salt Lake City Distracted Driving Accident Lawyers Maximizing Compensation

When a careless and distracted motorist is responsible for the serious injuries you or a loved one suffered in a car accident, contact a lawyer at Dalby & Lowrance, LLC. Our legal team of skilled and seasoned Salt Lake City attorneys has more than 45 years of combined experience coupled with a track record of maximizing the compensation our clients deserve.

Distracted driving can take many forms. Once grooming, reading, eating and adjusting the volume on the radio were the culprits. With the advent of technology, cellphone calls, texting and social media posts, the visual and cognitive attention required to drive is now spent looking at a small screen instead of the road. More distractions today mean more accidents.

The likelihood of an accident is significantly increased, even if the driver is only slightly distracted. In the split-second it takes for drivers to take their eyes off the road, lives can change and end.

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